Reliable Whole Process Accompany

Full process service of expert team

RETECH has a expert team with 20 years’ raising experience. The team is composed of senior consultants, senior engineers, environmental control experts and poultry health protection experts. We accompany customers in the whole process from project consultation, design, production to raising guidance.


1.Quick-response Raising Consultants

Our raising consultants guarantee a quick response within 2 hours and help customers to get rich and generous returns on their investment.

2.Visible Logistic Tracking

Based on 20 years’ exporting experience, we provide customers with inspection reports, visible logistic tracking and local import suggestions.


3.Different Installation Methods

15 engineers provide customers with on-site installation and commissioning,3D installation videos, remote installation guidance and operation training.You can make the most of your automatic poultry farm.

4.Perfect Maintenance Process

With the RETECH SMART FARM, you can get the routine maintenance guideline, real-time maintenance reminder and engineer online maintenance.


5.Raising Guidance Of An Experts Team

RETECH provides you with systematic modern farming management manuals, online farming experts, and real-time updates of farming information.

Our Expert Team

Our experts will assist you to complete the project efficiently. 


Professor of Mechatronics Engineering

Professor from Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Doctoral Supervisor

He is good at integrating modern farming concepts into product design and constantly upgrading equipment.



Ventilation Expert

The best ventilation design expert in China

Design for more than 10000 chicken houses

Mr. Chen will design a scientific and reasonable ventilation system for you.


Senior Design Engineer

30 years’ design experience    

building 1200 chicken houses

Mr. Luan customizes design solutions according to customer needs and local environments.


Poultry Health Protection Expert

10 years’ breeding technology research and CP breeding consultant experience

He is good at solving various breeding problems,disease diagnosis and animal nutrition research


Sales Director

General Manager of RETECH Overseas Business

10 years’ poultry equipment sales experiences

Ms. Julia will turn your needs into implementable solutions and assist you to complete the project efficiently.


Senior Installation Engineer

20 years’ global installation experience

Mr. Wang is very familiar with the installation process and farm layout. He can solve any problems during the installation process.

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