Automatic chicken cage

Automatic chicken cage

Retech farming has more than 30 year's production experience,provide modern laying hens, broilers, pullets and breeder chicken raising equipment.
3D design chicken house

3D design chicken house

More than 20 years of experience in the field of poultry equipment and 24-hour customized solution design to create 3D poultry farm display.



RETECH FARMING is a production solution provider focusing on providing smart poultry solutions for small and medium-sized chicken poultry fams.
RETECH FARMING devotes to the manufacturing of automated poultry chicken raising equipment, the researching and developing of itelligent environmental control systems, the supply chain management of steel structure prefab house and related poultry equipment. We provide customers with multi-dimensional whole process turnkey solutions, including project consulting, project designing, manufacturing,logistics transportation installation and operation and maintenance.poultry raising guidance and one stop shopping.
RETECH FARMING makes your chicken raising business much easier and more effcient, much safer and more reliable.


  • More than 20 years' service life

    More than 20 years' service life

    RETECH has always maintained the pursuit of high-quality automatic equipment. Over 20 years service life comes from the selection of raw materials, high attention to details and quality control of each component. Successful projects in 51 countries around the world have proved that our equipment can achieve the best results under various climatic conditions.

  • 3D customized solution design

    3D customized solution design

    Our design experts will customize the farm layout and chicken house design for you according to your wishes, land conditions and local raising environment. You can better show your projects to your partners and guide workers in construction. RETECH has a worldwide presence and over 20 years of experience in the poultry equipment field. This experience enables us to work out scientific farm design and also provide training to customers.

  • Reliable whole process accompany

    Reliable whole process accompany

    RETECH has a expert team with 20 years’ raising experience. The team is composed of senior consultants, senior engineers, environmental control experts and poultry health protection experts. We provide customers with full-process solutions through the complete customer service system, including project consulting, designing, producing, operating, maintaining, breeding guidance, and raising related product recommendation.

  • Easier chicken house management

    Easier chicken house management

    Based on the continuous improvement of the intensive farming, farming enterprises put forward higher requirements for farm management. The RETECH "Smart Farm" intelligent cloud platform and smart environmental control system integrate the IOT technology and cloud computing to realize digital and intelligent raising upgrades for customers. RETECH can make raising smarter and easier.


The raising experts will assist you to complete the project fficiently.
Our expert team is ready to serve you.

  • Sales Manager

    Sales Manager

    10 years poultry equipment sales experiences Mrs Julia will turns your needs into implementable solutions and assist you to complete the project efficiently.

  • The Best Ventilation Design Expert In China

    The Best Ventilation Design Expert In China

    Design for more than 10000 chicken houses Mr Chen will designs a scientific and reasonable ventilation system for you.

  • Senior Design Engineer

    Senior Design Engineer

    30 Years Design Experience, Building 1200 chicken houses Mr Luan customizes design solutions according to customer needs and local environments.

  • Breeding Expert

    Breeding Expert

    10 years of breeding technology research and CP breeding consultant experience He is good at solving various breeding problems,disease diagnosis and animal nutrition research

  • Professor of Mechatronics Engineering

    Professor of Mechatronics Engineering

    Professor from Qingdao University of Science and Technology He is good at integrating modern farming concepts into product design and constantly upgrading equipment.

  • Senior Installation Engineer

    Senior Installation Engineer

    20 years’ global installation experience Mr Wang is very familiar with the installation process and farm layout. He can solve any problems during the installation process.


  • 50,000 Birds Layer Farm

    50,000 Birds Layer Farm

    Project Site: Rangpur, Bangladesh
    Type: H Type Layer Chicken Cage
    Model Number: 9CLD-4240
    Raising Quantity Per House: 50000 Chickens

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  • 17,664 Birds Layer Farm

    17,664 Birds Layer Farm

    Project Site: Bamako, Mali
    Type: A Type Layer Chicken Cage
    Model Number: 9TLD-4128
    Raising Quantity Per House : 17664 Chickens

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  • 51,336 Birds Broiler Farm

    51,336 Birds Broiler Farm

    Project Site: Benin, Nigeria
    Type: Automatic Broiler Chicken Cage
    Model Number: 9CLR- 4440
    Raising Quantity Per House: 51336 Chickens

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  • 29,000 Birds Broiler Farm

    29,000 Birds Broiler Farm

    Project Site: Cagayan De Oro,Philippines
    Type: Broiler Floor Raising System
    Raising Quantity Per House: 29000 Chickens

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  • Business Project Plan

    Business Project Plan

    According to your land, we will design an overall project plan and 3D farm layouts for you. These layouts will help you better understand the project and show your project planning in the conference and bank board.

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  • Farm Staffing

    Farm Staffing

    According to the scale of the farm, we will design a staffing table for you to ensure a smoother operation of the farm.

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  • Project Drawing

    Project Drawing

    Project drawings will help your construction team.

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  • Farm Supporting Equipment

    Farm Supporting Equipment

    Farm Supporting Equipment

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  • Chicken House Layout

    Chicken House Layout

    The raising consultant will design the equipment layout in a single chicken house according to your quantity. Professional chicken house design will bring you the ideal ventilation effect and the best farming efficiency.

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  • Installation


    We provide you with professional service, including project consultation and design, production, transportation, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance and raising guidance.

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We offer professional, economical and practical solution.

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